Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ask Twitter: How Many Tweets?

All this week I'm asking my twitter friends questions about using twitter. The question for this post is: How many tweets from one person in one day are too many?

Now to get a little understanding...the definition of a tweet is when you enter in one line of up to 140 text characters and enter it into the twitter stream. It is also called an update.

What is my take on how often should one person update?

Actually it doesn't matter to me how often someone updates as long as they are participating and not spam marketing. Since I use another tool to read all the updates of those I follow it simplifies what and who I'm reading. I actually swing the other way...I think you can tweet to little. BUT...to each his or her own...so in my book go ahead and update as much as you want.

Here are what some of the people I follow said:
  1. @josephrueter Depends on the tweets usefulness!
  2. @oharaville num. per day doesn't bother me, but consecutive tweets that take up the deck in a matter of a minute or two can be annoying.
  3. @jdellis1 I think more than eight to ten a day can be a little bit annoyin
  4. @thelastepic i think it should depend more on the quality and not the quantity
  5. @joecase I think if they're spread out over a day, around 10 is ok. Some need to learn the fine art of Direct Messaging on Twitter
  6. @mikeforjesus What's too many tweets? When it start affecting your work, marriage, being a father, etc
  7. @cameyg depends upon what they've got to say 4 me!
  8. @andrew_statezny 7
  9. @GodsMac I'd say anything over 5 per day is extreme, not including @ replies.
  10. @moviepastor there are never too many tweets if they are funny, informative, or encouraging
  11. @samluce General tweets or @replys or DM. General Tweets 30 in one day is to much Over 5 @replys or DM's just email me
  12. @e3Partners Multiple posts daily are fine. Unless they are consistently meaningless. No one really cares what someone eats for lunch. ;-)
  13. @spiritualtramp re: # of tweets I really think that depends on the tweets. Ten is probably getting there not counting @'s
  14. @texasaggie1 here's what I think about it... twittequette http://randybryan.com/?p=409
  15. @mburleson i say to do what you want to do. If I can't stand it, I'll unfollow. I struggle at times cause I do tweet alot, but be you.
  16. @mikekell 5 a day that aren't replies. Replies don't count against you... But after 2 or 3 replies, switch to text messaging
  17. @decart whatever @rick_smith sends out, cut in half. Lol.
  18. @jreighley That depends on weather they are interesting. If they are conversational, good, Self promoting will get you axed.
  19. @iThinkMedia # of tweets not issue for me, what irks me is tweetfeed, 4-9 tweets one after another clogging the feed
  20. @littletechgirl I can't put a number on it. I will just say that we do not all need to know EVERYTHING that the person is doing all day long
  21. @technologytwit definitely depends on who's doing the tweeting and what they are tweeting about.
  22. @chuckazooloo i would say "one" if they don't have anything relevant to say to you. if relevant, i'm cool with as many as you want to post!
  23. @mxbx five of the same tweet is beyond too many.
  24. @pastrbrf more than 7 is too many. Over 7 then you have too much time on your hands.
  25. @laurapalmero I don't think it's necessarily the quantity that's the problem, but it's about the spacing of the tweets.
And there you have it....stay tuned tomorrow for another edition of Ask Twitter as we are discussing twitter this week.

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@drewmaniac said...

As many @'s as you think it will take to build a good, engaged network. Don't ever @ or @ enough, you aren't participating.

Pokinatcha said...

Some people say you can tweet too much, some say too little. I say who cares, people don't have to read every single post just because they follow that person. Just fun & meet new people & don't take it so seriously!