Thursday, February 05, 2009

Time Warner Cable

Customer service...oh don't you just love calling customer service. That's what I did the other day and spent over one hour on the phone with Time Warner Cable...mainly because the first two people couldn't get it right...and one of them was a supervisor.

Here were the tweets of my wonderful experience that started about 15 minutes into my experience:
And then a few minutes later:
All that because the first service rep I called told me that she couldn't schedule an appointment for a technician to come out because there were no open appointments because that is what her computer showed...I even asked, "for the whole next year?" She then told me that I just needed to call back some other day and try again. And then wouldn't let me speak to a supervisor...which when I finally did...connected me to the wrong department.

All that to say...just cause you have a customer better take good care of them cause they may twitter or blog it to about 1,500 people who just might not ever....and I mean e.v.e.r. choose your business.

You ever experience anything like that? What's your customer service horror story?

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