Monday, February 09, 2009

Ask Twitter: How To Build Your Follower Base

If you desire to build your Twitter follower base let me give you a few tips on how I built mine.

I've actually twittered since November of 2007. As of July of 2008 I had around 200 followers. I ended 2008 with right at 1,000 followers and in exactly 41 days into 2008 I added almost another 800.

I write that not to brag but to show you that it can be done. You don't have to be a superstar, famous, or major personality to build a follower base. All you need is a little hard work and some help.

Here are four of my tips:
  1. Work - Plain and simple...I am not a fan of someone who did it by any other bots here baby. To build my follower base I did it by working it. I will go out and follow a lot of people in my area of work and in other areas that I'm interested in. In exchange many of them follow me back. After a week or so I will then un-follow those that didn't follow back and begin that process again. Create a rule...follow everyone that follows you. And also if people take the initiate to follow you follow them back.
  2. Ask -New Years Eve of '08 was a fun night. I was at 857 followers. I thought it would be cool to make it to 900 by the end of the I asked those that follow me to recommend me...and recommend me they did. Within about an hour of asking I hit 900 and then everyone started pushing to get me to 1,000. In the end I was about 10 short of 1,000 when the clock struck but by the next morning I was sitting well over 1,000. Disclaimer - I would not do this to your network often. In fact, I don't think I would ask my network ever again. This is probably a one time shot for a special number.
  3. Connect - Send lots of @ replies. An @ reply is taking someone's Twitter name and putting the @ sign directly in front of it in one of your tweets or 140 character post. Ex. "@turnedout so pumped about your vision for launching a church" Connect with others is one of the x-factors of Twitter. In fact, Twitter has become one big communication tool. I've also noticed that as you connect with others many will recommend you to their network.
  4. Be An Expert - Well, that might be hard to just pull off if you aren't already one...but you can begin to establish a niche for yourself. Choose an area...learn all you can and pass along what you learn. People will follow someone that they believe will add value to their lives.
Now if you weren't turned off by the title and you weeded through the how...let me give you the main reason or the why to all this follow madness. I want to be a leader...I want to set the pace.

I also believe that opportunities are created in connections. With all those people that follow me I understand that someone out there could hold the key to an opportunity.

Third...why would you want to speak to an empty auditorium. If you believe that what you say or write is helpful...why not get it out to as many as possible.

How have you built your follower base? Leave me a comment here with your twitter address. As you know I always give a follow back.

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