Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Connect In Your Delivery

Last week I began talking about why delivery in a church message is so important. You can catch up with "It Was In The Delivery" and "Why Delivery Is So Important" if you missed those two.

So let's go about fixing it a little.

Remember we are not trying to take away from the fact that the Holy Spirit and the Word of God our crucial. What we are attempting to do is make sure we don't get in the way of them doing what they need to do.

One of the first important factors that you can do with your message is CONNECT your audience to it. This can be done by story telling, asking questions, relating it to what they may be going through.

Answer Why
Connecting helps fill in the question of "WHY". From an audience perspective, why do I need to hear this.

The answer is more than "cause it's church and you need to hear the Word of God."

When you sit down to prepare your message, you must realize you have a variety of people, age groups and situations they are going through. Why specifically do each of them need to hear this particular message? If you will start with that in mind you will already begin to connect.

Tell Stories
Telling Stories not only relates but helps them connect with you the speaker. One thing I usually do is try to tell a story from my life that relates to the topic. That way they will see that I have gone through it or they will get to know me a little better. I will usually start out with a life story to try to relate the message with my life.

Ask Questions
It is ok to ask questions of your audience. Now these are rhetorical questions. They are meant to get them to think about situations they have gone through that leads them into the why this is so important for them to hear. You can do this with the variety of age groups and demographic differences. Remember the more you connect them into the why the more they will actually listen.

It is more than just being a great personality. You don't have to think you need to be a great personality to begin being a great speaker. I have heard many speakers that don't necessarily have a great charismatic personality yet what they spoke it was powerful.

Begin connecting your audience in your message so they will know the "Why" to why they are listening.

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