Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Is Delivery So Important

If I didn't run everyone off with my last post thinking, "who does this guy think he is", we are going to get into it with this post and some others, with some practical ways to deliver your message.

But I have to ask the question, "Why is it so important to have a good delivery when speaking?" "If it's the Word of God isn't it enough?"

Those are great questions and in reality the truth is, God's Word was written simply enough that everyone can understand it. At least the Gospel is...

So if it is simple enough why do we need to have a great delivery?

A Great Delivery Brings Clarity
I've been in many churches where I've actually walked out and said what in the world was he talking about. Now if after being a Christian and a pastor for 14 years that happens to me, what about someone walking in for the first time? Or what about someone who is young in the faith?

A Great Delivery Connects The Message
Stories and questions are great ways to give people a reason to listen and connect them to what you are talking about.

A Great Delivery Applies It
Even some of the best speakers miss this. When a person walks away do they know how to apply all the information.

Because Eternity Is On The Line
You may not get a second chance at an unchurched person in your church. It is proven that on Sunday's is when the people visit churches....people who are unchurched and who don't have a relationship with Christ. Yes, God's Word is enough in itself but even in His Word it says they can't hear unless someone preaches to them.

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Lives are on the line.
Destinies are waiting to be discovered.
Someone needs help with their marriage.
Someone needs help with self-esteem.
Someone to know that they are loved.