Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Building A Multi-Site Network 2

In a previous post I started to discuss some ideas in Building A Multi-Site Network. If you choose to take your site from one campus to two and beyond it is vital that you begin to focus on three areas...Leaders, Location, Launch Time.

Let's take some time and talk about leaders. Finding, training and sending out leaders is going to be the key to building each campus.

The Campus Pastor
Obviously this position is the most crucial to this whole venture. This leader is the person that will ensure that the DNA of the church organization is transferred to the site, they will recruit the core team, develop and deploy the team in ministry, and ensure that the work of the ministry will be carried on in the surrounding community.

The Children's Director
Due to the fact that the Sunday Morning meeting time is the prime entry point for visitors having a strong Children's Ministry is a factor of a campus success or failure. It is the Children's Director's role to replicate the environment of the initial campus.

Worship Director
This person is a primary overseer of the weekend experience along with the campus pastor. Their role is to create the authentic worship that permeates the atmosphere of the original campus.

Youth Director/Small Groups Director
This is not two positions in one. As you work through your first six months to a year you should look to expand your team in this direction.

Having a great team in place is and will be the greatest determinant of a your new sites success. Take away this team or even the quality and you will see that this campus may not succeed and reach its potential.

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