Thursday, May 29, 2008

Building A Multi-Site Network 3

So you have decided you want to launch another campus. Another key factor other than leaders is deciding on your location.

As far as location goes you can launch your location based on one of three things.

1) An Existing Group - You have a group of people that live in a location and can increase your reach in their community by launching a site there.

2) A Leader - You may have a strong leader that may live in a community you want to expand into.

3) A Target Community - Maybe there is a community you want to expand into. This will be an area where you can reach more unchurched people.

Once a location is chosen for whichever reason, it is key to make sure that you begin putting the team of leaders in place.

Once you have chosen your location next is to choose your site. There are a variety of ways and places. You can go portable in a variety of locations or find an existing building you can renovate. Each has it's pro's and con's and different churches have seen success in every different way.

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