Friday, April 11, 2008

Building A Multi-Site Network 1

I'm going to share some multi-site thoughts that I'm processing. As I have begun feeding myself info and processing it I want to be able to focus in on what I feel are some of the key points that will make a multi-site campus successful.

The three initial vital areas for any multi-site are: leaders, location, launch time.

In a future post I'll work to extrapolate more on specific leaders for the site but for this post I'll say that having the right leaders is a necessity for your campus. The three leaders that are crucial for your initial launch are the campus pastor, lead worshiper and children's leader.

Next after leaders is choosing the right location. One thing we have discussed here at Bay Area is launching around leaders. Because of the fact that leaders are important launching in a location that has a strong leader who will oversee the campus is a plus.

When choosing a location find an area that has a core nucleus of people that have ties to the initial main campus. This could be an area that already has several core small groups. The location should also be one that has a need for the campus. Are there many strong churches in the area? Lastly is the area growing.

Launch Time
Now that you have your leaders and location in place, it will all come down to launch time. Several churches over the past few years have learned that key launch times are fall, when school begins. Other good times are the beginning of the year and Easter. No matter when the launch time is set work to build momentum up to your launch. We will focus on launching in a future post.

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