Thursday, February 21, 2008

Connecting When Communicating

I have a passion for communicating and am always driving myself to be better. As a church communicator I don't feel it is just enough to open the Bible up and talk about Scriptures. I believe that we must connect our audience with our topic.

As a pastor or ministry leader it is not enough just to talk about a Scripture or topic from the Bible. To be more effective we must bridge the gap of knowledge that might be missing and connect our audience with why they need to listen to our message.

Here are three practical ways to convince people they need our message:
  • Highlight some specific knowledge they are missing - When it comes to developing a message or a series you can use a series teaser video leading up to the message or series. These teasers highlight the purpose in a creative way that creates the desire to listen.
  • Pose a question or puzzle that confronts people with a gap in their knowledge - I believe Andy Stanley is one of the best at asking questions that connect people. Whenever you are speaking it is important to ask as many connecting questions that covers the ages and characteristics of your audience. These questions are aimed at giving your audience a reason to listen'
  • Present them with situations that have unknown resolutions - Mystery always
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