Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How To Feed Yourself Spiritually As A Leader

I have to admit that as a pastor I hate to hear the words, "I'm not getting fed!"

Honestly, I think that is the lamest, most pathetic excuse I've ever heard from a Christian. As a Christian you must take the responsibility for making sure you are growing.

But to be honest I can agree with that statement somewhat. There are many pastors who do not know how to communicate and butcher their presentation but yet want people to not have the excuse of not being fed. They don't know how to develop a point or connect people with the message. They feel that just because they open up the bible and can talk about a scripture it should be good enough. But I'm not getting into that with this post.

As a pastor or ministry leader how do you feed yourself? How do you get "fed" spiritually?

Obviously you can't sit and hear your own message on Sunday's. You need to make sure that your own spiritual refrigerator is full.

Daily Bible Reading
Don't just read to study for your message. Read to be in communion with God. There are various yearly Bible Reading plans that will help you continually stay in the word. I would also say don't just read to read but journal as well.

Listen To Other Pastors
With the availability of many pastors who now have their messages podcasted for free there is no excuse. I subscribe to about seven church podcast specifically to feed myself spiritually. I listen to the podcast messages from North Point Ministries, National Community Church, Community Christian Church, Flamingo Road Church, Newspring, Pine Ridge Church, Elevation Church, Revolution Church and I listen to each of these for specific reasons as well the fact that each are excellent communicators.

Read Spiritual Books
I'm not talking about leadership books or business books here. I'm talking about a book written to challenge or grow you spiritually. Whether it is a classic or the latest off the book shelf, add some books of this type to your spiritual diet.

I'd like to know how you are keeping your spiritual refrigerator full as a ministry leader?

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Terrace Crawford said...

Jason, good post. I fed myself in the ways you've mentioned.

Jason Curlee said...

Thanks Terrace....

Anyone else??? We would love to hear from you.

Jonathan Ellis said...

1) I've actually heard a fellow church leader say this and it made me cringe. That's a big fat red flag going way up in the air. Investigate!

2) Resources to continue growing and learning are endless these days. Just pick one.

Will Henderson said...

I'm not sure what Jon means...
We all grow in community.
And I assume that's what you are seeking to encourage here Jay, a community where we can grow together, learning from one another. Relationships and community with like minded people actually accelerates the growth of all of us! So don’t think you can grow to be who God wants you to be by yourself!
Anyway, I grow heaps not just listening to other pastors messages, but by handing out with them. Especially those men who I know have the runs on the board and who are far enough ahead to stretch me, and close enough to connect and care about my challenges.
I always encourage the younger men I'm leading to do this, and I actually line up meetings for them with other leaders who will challenge and grow them.

Will Henderson said...

Jonathan, I want to hear what other leaders have to say on this topic. Sure many of the things we might know and already even practice, but it's the one thing that I'm keen to learn. You know someone out there who's faced the struggles of church leadership and has one golden thought to share with all of us. When we recieve advice like that, advice that can help us keep close to Jesus... it's worth more than gold!

Jason Curlee said...

Will - great comments...for me blogging has provided a community where I have been able to meet people to help me grow. I have some great friends across the country now that I am meeting with online for encouragement and s.t.r.e.t.c.h.i.n.g.