Friday, February 22, 2008

Who Am I

I've been keeping an eye on my stats and subscriptions and over the past month they have steadily been on the increase. With the various traffic coming here I thought I would introduce myself, tell you what I'm up too, and why I write this blog.

Who Is Jason Curlee
In a nutshell I'm a husband to an awesome wife, dad to three beautiful daughters, pastor, church planter and blogger.

I've been married to my wife since 1991...she is the love of my life, apple of my eye, the sugar in my kool-aid...well, you get the point! We have three girls of various ages who are each creative in their own ways.

At the time of this post I'm 38 years old. My wife and I have been in ministry since 1995 as youth pastors. We worked on staff at three different churches, First Assembly of God in Kingsville, Faith Family Church in Victoria, and another church in Corpus. We have also been involved in one failed church plant. You can read a little more about our story [here]

I am passionate about leadership development and communicating. My life purpose statement is to influence and develop others to make a difference in their world.

I also have a personal blog, myspace, facebook, youtube site, twitter and it seems just about every social networking site there is. You can find those links over on my personal blog where I journal about my journey.

What Are We Doing
What I'm most excited about is that we are currently in the process of launching Life Church in Corpus Christi, TX where I will be serving in the role of Lead Pastor. You can find more information at our various sites: Myspace, 300forLife, Website, Facebook. Please be praying for us on this journey of a lifetime. I'll also be blogging a little more about here.

What Is This Blog About
This blog, Making Difference Makers, flows from a passion in my life to influence and develop others to make a difference in their world. It has evolved tremendously over the two years that I have written. It started out as a way to let others keep up with me. It then evolved into something so random even I wonder what it was. Then over the past two months I have determined that it's focus would be to encourage, inspire, mentor, train, and be an overall help to ministry leaders out there.

As my wife so avidly tells me I'm addicted to this thing sitting in front of me. Over the past two years I have blogged and absolutely love it. I read blogs, I write blogs, I read blogs and I write some more blogs. Maybe she's right. Honestly I just want to learn and give what I learn to others.

Who are you? If you are a reader and have a site...leave me your link in a comment. I would love to read your blog or know more about you.

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Grahame said...

OK Jason, as you asked. Reading this from the UK. I've been subscribed (RSS) for a few weeks now and appreciate the new focus. Keep up the good work.

Jason Curlee said...

Great to have you on board Grahame.

Grahame has some great youth ministry resources and personal reflections on youth ministry and leadership at his blog "Insight" @

Christopher Scott said...


I've been following your blog for about a two months.

You have some great content and I can tell your written words come passion and heart.

Thanks and keep up the great blogging!

Christopher Scott

Jason Curlee said...

Thanks Chris...I think I found yours around the same time.

Check out Chris' blog...he writes great thoughts on Non-Profit Leadership, Innovation and Change