Monday, December 31, 2007

Triple Your Youth Ministry In One Year Part 2

During this series, "Triple Your Youth Ministry", it is my hope that you don't look at this as a prescription. You know, do A. B. C. or 1. 2. 3. and you will be guaranteed that your youth ministry will triple. I am sorry to disappoint you but it won't happen.

Your youth ministry (or any ministry/church/business) will grow in proportion to the size of its leader.

Now before you all go hit the buffet lines I'm not talking about your waist size. I am talking specifically about the size of your vision and your leadership. This is what I alluded to in Part 1 that this might not be a one year project. If you are not ready or are not able to lead your ministry at the level you want it to won't happen.

Let me give you some bible examples:
  • Moses wasn't just some hick off the backside of the desert. Moses was strategically raised in Pharaoh's court. He was given the best of educations and was raised to be a leader.
  • Daniel was educated in the finest of schools in.
  • Nehemiah was skilled enough to be within the kings inner circle.
  • David was brought in as an armor bearer to the king and was given responsibility after responsibility to grow.
I could go on and on with other examples but the point is that for you to see growth of the magnitude we are talking about it is going to come only after you grow yourself. Don't dismiss these examples. God strategically placed them where they needed to be and utilized their backgrounds in the dimension He wanted to use them.

These men were raised to be leaders and their success was in direct proportion to not just God...but their being able to lead.

Begin this year to prepare for the growth God desires for your ministry.
  • Read some books that will give you the knowledge you need.
  • Read blogs of churches and pastors who are seeing big things happen. Listen to their messages to catch some of that vision.
  • Put yourself in another arena to sharpen your skills.
  • Visit a larger youth ministry in your area and connect with their youth pastor to increase your vision.
  • Listen to some leadership podcasts that will continually feed your leadership.
  • Go to a larger youth ministry conference that will expand your vision.
  • Get started with these videos on Developing Yourself As A Leader.
Set a plan in motion today to begin your growth. Start down this path today and you will see that vision begin to happen.

What are some resources you could use to grow yourself?


Terrace Crawford said...

Thanks for these posts, Jason. I gave you a shout-out from my blog about this.


Jason Curlee said...

Thanks for the props terrace...I got you added into my google reader...feel free to connect at anytime.