Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Year End Wrap Up

Today is December 31st and it is the end of the year 2007. As we go out of this year I thought it would be great to give you a wrap up of this year on my blog. I track my blog stats with Google Analytics.

For the year of 2007:

7,995 Visits
11,948 Page Views
4,331 Visitors

Viewed in 72 Countries
Top three: 1) USA, 2) Canada, 3) United Kingdom

Viewed in 49 States plus DC (missing Alaska if you know anyone there)
Top three: 1) Texas, 2) California, 3) Nebraska

Top four posts:

1) Evolution For Dance
2) Drinking On Stage
3) Message Prep System
4) Clothe The Naked

Top Three Blogger Sites That Sent Hits My Way: (there were others like google, blogger, technorati, etc...but these are sites of other bloggers)

1) Serial Youth Pastor
3) Connecting For Eternity

Some of my favorite keyword searches that lead people here:

"win the lottery" pray numbers agreement bible (I wonder if they won)
austin churches hiring worship pastors in 2007 (I don't sing that good)
does mark driscoll rudely speak of women
i am looking for a tamale maker or sauage maker?
i live with my mom
making sleighs for santa (my bivocational ministry job...NOT)
prayer for my spirit guide (I hope they found the "right" one)
wifes clothed and naked (not at my site)
you know your ghetto when

So who are all of you???

62% use Internet Explorer, 33% use Firefox
83% use Windows, 9% use Macintosh
53% use 1024x768 as your screen resolution,

It is a google world...I don't know why you yahoo'ers don't wake up.
1478 hits came through 90

May all of you have a blessed and fruitful year.

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