Friday, December 28, 2007

Closing Out The Year

2007 has come to a close my friends. For me it has been an interesting ride. The first six months were stable followed by six months of...well...I'm not sure I have words to describe.

In reflection, I don't know if anyone could have saw the last six months coming. Part of me says it is all preparation. Another part of me screams out, "WHY????"

I can honestly say that for the past three or four years I have been in a desert season. One that has seasoned and birthed in me the desire to do something crazy, huge for God. 2007 has fueled the vision God had started in me four years ago. Four years I came to Corpus with the vision to start a church.

What was I thinking at the time? We weren't ready. I also spent a year dying to that vision only to find it coming back to the surface. And even after almost screwing it up twice, here it is again.

Sometimes being on staff at churches you learn how to do things. You also learn how not to do things. In 2007 (and 2006), I learned more how we are "not" going to do things. It has really taught me the value of how to treat staff. I have vowed to never treat someone on our staff as I have been treated this year.

This year I have met many great friends across the country through blogging. I hope to continue developing those relationships. God has also reconnected us with some old friends and brought some new ones to our lives back here in Corpus.

This year has been a year of knowledge for me as I have probably read more this year than ever before. My main area of reading was on churches and leadership. It has opened my eyes to innovation and I feel really solidified what God is birthing.

I have been drawn to church marketing and web design over this year. I think part of that is from my business background and my love for the internet. I actually would love to consult with churches on how to develop an internet presence and brand their selves. Maybe that is something to blog on in the future.

Above all, it has really taught me the value of family. I often do not show my wife and children how much I appreciate them. My wife is my best friend. My children are a huge blessing to me. In the end, if I did all I do for church and lose would never be worth it. My wife has supported me through the thick and thin and has been along for this crazy ride. Honey, I love you. Both of our parents have been huge to us in the past six months...thanks.

Expect some new things in 2008 for Making Difference Makers. Leadership and helping others be all they can be is a passion of mine. I've got some crazy ideas to try out for this blog and I hope some of you will be along for the ride next year. I will have only one more post for 2007 which will be a recap of the year. If you have been a loyal reader....thanks. May you be blessed and highly favored next year.

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