Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Triple Your Youth Ministry In One Year Bonus

Nitty gritty time with this bonus post on this series.

No matter how we did ministry with the bells and whistles, our ministry was about 1) powerful praise and worship....the music we did was all worship music, 2) Strong teaching based on applying the Word of God to your life, 3) Having a call to salvation, and 4) Being led by God.

The rest of the stuff was the icing on the cake. We never were about icing though. But we weren't all cake either.

You can have all icing and there will only be a superficial youth ministry. You can honestly have all cake and it could be the lamest thing around. I know that is tough to swallow for some pastors. We all think that if we just go in and open up the "Word", it is and will be enough. Sound great right.

Listen people that is not the culture we live in. You can pretend it is. You can wish it was. But it's not.

I can also tell you that if you have all the "stuff", and if it isn't bathed in prayer and the Holy Spirits means nothing.

Vice-versa...I've seen some well meaning people who pray and open the "Word" and are led by God but never see any results.

Why is it???? Is it about personality??? NOPE. Is it about money??? NOPE. Truth is I don't think they are called or have "worked on" their ministry.

Work like it depends on you, and pray like it depends on God.

God will send you people when He knows you can handle the growth and when He knows they are going to be saved and discipled. Whether you have all the frill stuff is irrelevant.

Bottom line....if God ain't in it, it ain't gonna happen.

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