Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Leadership DNA of a Pastor Part 4

After leading out this week with part 1 of a new post series called "The Leadership DNA of a Pastor", we are now in the home stretch.

In part 2, we coved being a PACESETTER and a VISIONARY. In part 3, we looked at being a DIRECTOR and a RECRUITER.

Today, we want to add in the last two leadership principles that could and should be in every pastors skill dynamic. The two we are covering today are being a COACH and a FRIEND.

A great leader is a person that coaches those people around them. Bringing out the best in others is a vital principal that will make all your teams successful.

As we look at being a COACH it is important in this area that people feel they are becoming a better player on a better team.
  • Teaching: Understands and communicates a well defined game plan and teaches the team principles and concepts that make each team member a better and well rounded player.
  • Developer: Aware of the development of each key team member and mentors them in their personal, spiritual, and emotional development.
  • Aware: Socially aware so both people and project are managed well. Provides encouragement and positive feedback to keep morale high.
  • Execution: Executes from a game plan with effective policy and procedure manuals and implements them by giving oversight to the training and mentoring of each team player.
  • Confrontation: Knows how to confront difficult situations with dignity and grace while affirming the efforts of each team member.
The last principle is something that is so personal to me. I want to be surrounded not by a bunch of people who bow down and do what I want. I want to be surrounded by people that I can call family.

Leadership is not just about being organized and administrative, it is about caring for others. People don't care how much you know, they want to know if you care for them. A great leader is a person that cares for people around them. Caring for those that are on your team is another way you will be successful as a leader.

As you are a FRIEND to those on your team they will exhibit a feeling of being cared for by God and others as they do what they are called to.

To properly care for others you need to:
  • Communicate: Communicates effectively the vision of the church and the department so volunteers know why their gift and commitment makes a difference.
  • Models Maturity: Leads the department into a healthy care and connected environment that celebrates and supports people within the team structure.
  • Supports: Responds to the crisis situations in a timely and empathetic manner and members feel supported. Oversees that small group relationships are built throughout the department.
  • Disciples: Builds a network of teams that gives quality care in the form of life discipleship. Leads a leadership small group each month.
  • Affirms: Affirms each team member’s importance and value to the team through fellowship events, awards, and communication and values each team member. Organizes departmental fellowships that are designed to build strong teams and cause members to feel connected.
What do you think makes some a strong COACH or FRIEND as a leader?

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