Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Leadership DNA of a Pastor Part 3

Continuing in our series on the Leadership DNA of a Pastor lets jump right into Part 3. You can catch up by reading Part 1 and Part 2.

God has a great desire to build His church and He uses people to make that happen. In fact, I would say God wants to build it more than we do.

Today, we want to add on two more leadership principals that should be part of the DNA of a Department Head or Pastor. The are DIRECTOR and RECRUITER.

As you seek to be a DIRECTOR for your team you must realize that "key directives are easily understood so the team can follow".
  • Systems: One of the responsibilities of a pastor is creating the necessary systems that make growth and stability a possibility. This leader understands how social, organizational, and technological systems work within the organization and joyfully work within those systems.
  • Factors: Directors are aware of excellence in administrating the factors that create a productive ministry environment through good policies and procedures, job descriptions, volunteer schedules, and team ministry. They are decisive with integrity and honesty.
  • Planning: Within the organization these leaders embrace and demonstrate excellence in creating a detailed plan that manages objectives and time lines well so that progress is made and goals are achieved.
  • Culture: A great director understands that atmosphere is vital to the health of the team and does well in listening to the ideas of the team. They communicate with vision, kindness, and respect where the team develops a sense of mature community.
The fourth leadership principal our leaders need to be successful at is being a RECRUITER. Building strong teams is a key component of building a strong church. A Recruiter is one who makes their team members "feel personally assisted".
  • Recruits: This dynamic leader assimilates volunteers into the atmosphere and spiritual disciplines of their church as a part of a team.
  • Connects: They are great at connecting the gifts and passions of the team member to the appropriate job description and ministry.
  • Assesses: The recruiting leader assesses personnel needs well and recruits accordingly. They don’t just plug holes but finds people who fulfill a needed role.
  • Helps People: Developing people in the tasks assigned to them by having good training processes in place and when the task doesn’t fit them helps them find new places to serve is what makes this leader the backbone of the organization. They are aware of the individual training that is necessary to assist people in finding their unique place on the team
  • Listens: They listen to the ideas and opinions of others and implement ideas the team has agreed upon.
Click here for a video series on recruiting.

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