Monday, December 03, 2007

The Leadership DNA of a Pastor Part 2

Each day this week we are going to cover two leadership principles that should make up the DNA of a pastor.

As we already covered in part 1, it is important to understand that great churches are built by great people. This means us personally, as well as the people we lead. Although I know it is Christ who ultimately builds His church, He does use people to make it happen. That is why it is important that we do all we can to be prepared.

Today, I want to cover the principles of PACESETTER and VISIONARY.

As a PACESETTER, people love following you for who you are. A pacesetter is one who leads through:
  • Integrity: People of integrity chooses a course of action consistent with Christian values that demonstrate honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and productivity.
  • Responsibility: Responsible leaders exert a high level of effort and perseverance towards goals, deadlines, and time-lines with dependability and take responsibility for mistakes.
  • Self-control: A self-controlled leader sets well defined personal goals, motivates self, and demonstrates self control in the face of adversity and tension. They also demonstrate consistent control of their emotions with others.
  • Humility: A leader of humility performs their position with a true sense of self-worth and maintains a positive view of self as well as affirms the gifts in people around him/her. They make an accurate assessment of personal knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Pacesetter: This leader ultimately sets the pace of the team consistent with the goals of the organization taking into account the gifts, abilities, resources, and maturity of the team members.
A VISIONARY leader is one in which the people they lead say they are consistently excited about what they do. A visionary leads by:
  • Team Player: They understand and communicate the general vision of the church with excitement in an emotionally positive way and causes the team to see how their part is vital in the big picture.
  • Sees Ahead: This leader researches trends and is aware of what other churches are doing to stay on the cutting edge. They are finding new ideas and using originality to meet and handle new challenges.
  • Problem Solver: A visionary sees ahead of the team to make adjustments and problem solve to keep the team on track. They are effective in coping with different situations and problems and are able to take action without being told.
  • Motivated: Visionary leaders motivate the team by contagiously casting the vision in an intergenerational way through different mediums to keep the team with high motivation for the task.
  • Collaborates: Understanding the importance of the gifts of others and how they can be blended to create a better team is an important task of a visionary, as well as cooperating effectively with others through designing work schedules and assignments.
What do you see that can make a PACESETTER or VISIONARY better?

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