Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Leadership DNA of a Pastor Part 1

This week I want to delve into what I feel are six leadership dynamics that should make up the DNA of a pastor. Although these six are just a starting point I do want to preface this week by saying that prayer and a strong spiritual life should be the backbone for your leadership.

As you set out to develop the leadership culture of your church. It is important to understand that great churches are built by great people. This is why it is important to understand that the growth and stability of your department or church will be on how much you develop your leaders.

I know there is kind of a mixed dynamic in the church world when it comes to talking about leadership. You may even have your own filter about it as you are reading these posts. I can tell you my years of leading and being on different staffs I have seen the value of each of these leadership dynamics. I have seen that as a person puts laws like being a pacesetter, visionary, director, recruiter, coach, and friend into place, it brings more stability and growth within the church as a whole. Developing your leadership core to embody these six should be a priority.

A long time ago I realized that God doesn't give us what we can't handle. That is much like a cup. God will only fill our "cup" until its full. A full cup stretches the limits of it's boundaries. It is only when we enlarge that cup will He give us more. That is the dynamic of faith. Faith always stretches us and enlarges us. As you begin to work on these six "laws" your cup will stretch to hold more and more capacity thus furthering the work that God wants to do on this earth.

What are some of the dynamics that make up your leaders?

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