Sunday, November 04, 2007

My New Job

Well it's been a week and I thought it was about time I let everyone in on the new job I have.

Here is how it went down:

Thursday, Oct. 25th - I see an add in the paper for teacher at a Charter School here in Corpus. I email my resume.

Friday, Oct. 26th - I get an email to come in that day for an interview. I go and the interview goes great. I get the vibe that it's a done deal.

Monday, Oct. 29th - I get an email I got it and to come in and do paperwork.

Tuesday, Oct. 30th - I start my first day.

I am now officially the new biology/health/family and career development/p.e. teacher at a Charter School that reaches out to at-risk students in the Corpus Christi Area. Now, don't get an ideas this is no easy job. I have my work cut out for me. But it is a great opportunity to work with teens who our society has given up on. Most of these teens have been kicked out of several schools, have troubled backgrounds, history of gangs, drug use, etc...there are some that have chosen to come to get caught up and get credits.

It is for me an opportunity to be fully immersed in these teens world and see life from their perspective. I also hope to give a few take-aways I see about how the church is failing in reaching them along the way.


Jarrod Martin said...

Hey, man. I teach English for high school here in Kentucky. Been teaching for 10 years. If you need some materials, recommendations, or pointers on writing and reading instruction, just let me know.

Gina McClain said...

Wow! Congratulations. Talk about digging in deep. I imagine you'll have opportunity to reach these teens in the role of a teacher. I'm excited for you.

Tyler said...

Hey, we now have one more thing in common. I'm prayin for you, and looking forward to seeing things progress.