Sunday, July 22, 2007

What Example Are We Setting

Have to say that I have something that has been eating at me for about a week. One of my favorite churches and a pastor (I will keep them nameless.) who I have really had a lot of respect for made a statement in his message a week or two ago that really struck me odd and has been eating on me.

Now I will be up front and say that this is not a blast at this pastor or at this particular church because I don't think what I will be saying is his heart or were his intentions. I am beginning to question though this type of thinking and whether it is a great example to be displaying especially in a day and age where through the internet, messages can be quickly disseminated.

The statement made in his message was that what he was preaching on was a topic that in some churches most pastors would be fired for preaching on it. But since they didn't vote in his church he wasn't worried about the people voting him out. They were stuck with him.

Now I also do remember hearing another pastor say a similar comment that he couldn't be fired so they were stuck with him.

This is purely my opinion but I see these as some dangerous statements. It seems to me that there are many entrepreneurial driven pastors who are setting up their churches as a business with them as the CEO. Almost like a small business where the person leading can't be fired.

Then with this "power" they feel they can make off the cuff comments like that. What appears to me as being the danger in this is that younger pastors who may like their style or their ministry because it is thriving will begin to emulate this. Other younger pastors may not be able to handle the accountability or surround themselves with a great team and may abuse this power.

I know these are just bold, brass, cutting edge statements but I really do question whether they should continue to be made.

It is like there is the church business pastor lifestyle being created out there. Maybe it is because for a long time churches have been held back by boards that do not allow the pastor to lead. I'm not sure. All I know is that comments like these should not be said even to a congregation. Fella's lets show a greater level of leading in this modern internet world.


Gina McClain said...

Good stuff, Jason. And I agree. However I'm curious about the type of accountability in place for that pastor. Our church does not vote by congregation either. However our pastor is held accountable by two groups of people. A directional leadership team comprised of staff members and a leadership team comprised of church members. The intent is to ensure that there is an appropriate measure of accountability. I don't know that it's the answer. But it's where God has us right now.

Jason Curlee said...

That's great Gina...And to be honest I'm not sure of the type of accountability he has...of course I was pointing on the danger of making the comment...but you bring up a great point on how to set up an accountability system.