Friday, March 31, 2006

Mixed Emotions

Wow. For the past two days I have been filled with all the mixed emotions of my transition. Excited about the new position and possibilities. Leaving friends and family. Being apart from my wife and kids for a month or two while they finish school. All the planning. Some of it can be very overwhelming. But thank God that His hand is in it. He has opened so many doors for us in this move. It really is a God thing. I feel that Church of Hope is going to be our HOME for a long while. Hadn't felt that way in a long time. There is so much peace I have about this being the right move. I am so ready for this.


Pastor Jeff said...

Hey bro... we are so happy for you! don't get overwhealmed... plan out your ideas but WRITE EVERTHING DOWN and then file it so you can come back to it. this is your moment... now is your time to shine... you've been trained - molded and shaped... now do it.

Pastor Jason Curlee said...

Thanks Jeff. I was a planner before FFC and know I am even more detailed. thanks for the comment.