Monday, March 27, 2006

Value the Journey

This weekend was really good. Saturday we went to San Antonio for one of my daughters volleyball tourney. They did so good being the youngest team out there. They won 3 games out of the 9 they played. Three of the other ones were really close. I also had a great conversation with my prior worship leader for our youth group in Kingsville. He is a great friend of mine.

Yesterday was my last Sunday at Faith Family Church. I got to say bye to some good people I know. I also went to one of my best friends birthday party yesterday. He is going to be a guy I miss the most here, but I know that God has us make connections in life for reasons. We need to value the friendships we make along the way, helping each other fulfill the destiny that God has for us in our life. We are all going to a destination, but it is the journey and the friendships that we need to value along the way.

So this weekend was about valuing the journey and the friendships we have along the way.

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