Monday, February 02, 2009

Ask Twitter: What Is Twitter

To get up to speed on what Twitter is, watch this short video:

Why do I twitter and what is it to me?
  • I mainly twitter to connect with other leaders across the country. Which is why I follow so many people. Whether it is in the church world or business world I think there are some valuable things I can learn from others. There are many leaders that I have now connected to that I probably wouldn't know had it not been for twitter.
  • I also use it pretty much as my primary communication tool. It's a combination of email/text message/instant message. I have built some pretty good friendships through twitter.
  • I use it to let others know what I'm doing and thinking. Sometimes that's pretty random. It could be on what I'm doing at the moment, to a UFC fight, to a church conference like innovation3 (where I put out over 300 tweets in 3 days...sorry about that), to completely random thoughts that go through my head.
  • I want to keep up with the same from many of my friends across the country.
Here are some of the topics I'm going to cover this week:
Now all through this series this week I'm going to Ask Twitter, well, that is, my twitter followers questions about their use of twitter. To kick it off I asked them "What Twitter is to them?" Here are a few of the responses I got back:
  1. @VoteMikeJones Twitter is how I connect with people I would normally never get to connect with (like you)
  2. @tylersorrells twittering's connected me to people i would've never otherwise met
  3. @pastortrav to cause a ruckus
  4. @Rick_Smith I enjoy connecting with so many different people and getting to learn from so many people! Helps me to build bridges!
  5. @Pokinatcha To me it's been a great way to meet other Third Day Gomers & learn some interesting internet stuff.
  6. @Pokinatcha and exposure to Christian artists that are out there that I wouldn't otherwise have known about!
  7. @vinceparker twitter another way to connect and meet people that I otherwise would have never connected with.
  8. @coltmelrose I twitter because it keeps me connected and allow for new connections in a much easier workflow than other social apps.
  9. @benwiles Twitter is "doing life together."
  10. @jasonmaxwell a FREE opportunity to connect/brainstorm w/ a multi-cultural group nationwide
  11. @jasonmaxwell scratch that..worldwide
  12. @juliebonnheath I twitter to be a resource to other peeps, get an occasional question answered myself and to build my networking opportunities
  13. @NickHempsey connect with other christian leaders. And as of recent, keep my volunteers up to date on the happenings in our ministry.
  14. @pookiedmb fun fun
  15. @josh_silva twitter is open to the public autobiography that happen in 140 characters or less
  16. @thejmo because I can. also, because most of my closest friends are on it (bonus answer for ya... a twofer)
  17. @artgood Twitter is my way as a small church pastor to connect with other leaders I might never know otherwise.
  18. @cameyg it is a part of life's moments for me. encouraging, being encouraged, interacting, connecting, praying, and noticing others.
  19. @joecase Twitter is a communication & networking tool. My dream is to have a church full of Twitterers so all "fellowship" continually.
  20. @Dougrea I twitter because that where people are. "Real time" access to people. Sounds like something Jesus would do.
  21. @CPKIII Connecting with people I may never meet otherwise. I twitter what ever pops into my head when I am typing.
  22. @GodsMac Twitter is a place for the unsocial to show their true colors. Updates and those you follow speak for themselves.
  23. @gibbsg i twitter because my pastor @jasoncurlee told me to
  24. @davetravis I do the reading thing, conversations thing and then I pre program some micro blog comments
  25. @Hetty4Christ great place 4 those who luv 2 help others thru Christ-but physically can't due 2 illness (epilepsy)ability 2 still do so @ home
  26. @nanpalmero twitter helps me get great answers that Google doesn't have.
  27. @dawnnicole I twitter to connect & learn from others, resource clients & spot trends
  28. @chrisreeder Blogging on crack!
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Pokinatcha said...

That was fun to read. I want to change my answer now...I live on a small island that I don't get off of much and twitter is a great way to connect with the outside world!