Monday, February 02, 2009

Sunday The 1st Through My Window

Here is a look through my window at Bay Area 5 Points for Sunday 2-1-09:
  • Controversial topic today: Porn. Wasn't sure how turnout would be with this message. Mixed response to it.
  • Today, our Production Director, Tom Grant, ran two Ultimate HZ's (fogger/hazer). Since we really only get to try it out on Sunday's with a full production it can be trial and error. During 10 a.m. we recognized that with two it fogged up quickly...we adjusted settings and 11:30 looked great.
  • Lighting was awesome today. My compliment is that we now are beginning to look like a mini-BAF on our stage.
  • We are going to make a tweak on our prayer partner time next week. I'll fill you in on if it works.
  • Even with a controversial message four people prayed to begin a relationship with Christ in our 10 a.m. experience. That's why we do it.
  • Every single week, we don't miss a beat...first time guests and first time commitments.
  • Numbers were down a hair...not sure why but it was totally even between the two.
  • I feel like we are getting predictable each week...we need to shake it up a bit.
  • Tonight we had our first Super Bowl party. Great thing about being a smaller campus is that it is easy to invite everyone out to something like this...and the screen is awesome to watch it on.
  • We had about 75 kids, teens and adults out tonight. Juno Garcia, our Student Director, played flag football with the teens. We also had a little Rockband on the big screen before the game.
  • I had a great time connecting with many people that have been coming out. I love doing these community building events.
  • We amped up the half-time show of the game with Bruce Springteen with our own lighting show...Tom's getting the hang of this.
  • Four people this morning committed...and I haven't see the 11:30 cards yet. Praise God.
  • All around I would give us an A-...there is still more I would like to see out of our team and things are coming around.

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