Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Twitter Response: Leadership Tip

Read the twitter comments of my friends on Twitter who share with you one leadership tip/principal they would want you to know? Here were their responses
  1. @Rick_Smith We are to led by example. Christ did this. We don't just tell people things, we model people things..(so to speak):
  2. @LeadershipNow Think of leadership IN, not leadership OF. It's not position.
  3. @maczter Never underestimate the value of these two little words: "Thank you."
  4. @BJHewitt Where ever God calls you to serve, serve one another with a joyful heart even If it looks and feels uncomfortable.
  5. @CPKIII To lead is to serve. To show you will do whatever to get the job done. Lead from the bowl of water kneeling at dirty feet
  6. @Yochanan Lead by example and fiercely fight for your people.
  7. @tonymccollum Move with the movers.
  8. @CyndiAKADisneyq you can't lead where you are not willing to go yourself. Not to mention the fact t/you have to allow others to use their gifts
  9. @VoteMikeJones "Innovation is being positive and solution oriented" got that from @randycoleman
  10. @jimalexander leadership is serving those you lead while managing expectations-yours, your team's, your peers, and those who lead you.
  11. @robbiespeaks Learn to recognize Momentum & how to ride it & make it stretch. If you don't know how to make ole' "MO" your friend you lose!
  12. @comeandsee Knowing your peoples strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them correctly
  13. @joshchapman you are most valuable to the team when you are working yourself out of a job
  14. @Dougrea "If I have to do it for you - I don't need you"
  15. @foecuspastor Balance is integral in leadership! Keep all things balanced (time, money, theology, family, personal time!) Learned from my Sr.
  16. @jonferguson One word: Apprenticeships.
  17. @garethgilpin "Leaders get what they inspect, not what they expect."
  18. @BertDecker The effectiveness of a leader's communications determines the effectiveness of his organization.
  19. @johncatkinson Never hire a smart elic campus pastor (Jason Curlee) that has three times your twitter followers and reminds you daily.
  20. @johncatkinson You can teach a good leader almost anything, except character, that they better already have.
  21. @nanpalmero practice what you preach and think before reacting.
  22. @jasonarredondo u better be smoking what ur sellin
  23. @louicanchola Know your VISION, speak your VISION, teach your VISION, live your VISION. Vision, vision, vision!
  24. @garylamb You can never teach or cast vision to much
  25. @ministrymonkey Always give people a second chance! Don't let their past determine their future! Love them as you serve them!
  26. @NickHempsey don't be afraid to pass the torch or else you'll get burned out
  27. @billshazzar a few more words than @jonferguson, but he's employing the principle: always leave them wanting more.


Dave Ingland said...

A leader must have followers. Be wary of getting so far ahead of you followers that they can't keep up with you.

Ginger Tate said...

Loved this blog - Printed it for future use. Church has been cancelled here in Oklahoma due to ice/storm. Hope you are having a blessed week! www.tatebook.com, www.gingertate.blogspot.com.