Friday, January 30, 2009

Innovation3 Day One

I've let the thoughts simmer all night on Innovation3. With a conference like this so much is thrown at you so fast. I'm going to change up my format here a little. I'm going to leave some of my thoughts and also some thoughts from other attendees.

Here are some thoughts from Day One:
  • Loved the format of the main session. Each speaker had 20 minutes and when their clock ended they were done.
  • So much information happened so fast. I was twittering as much as possible as fast as possible. Sometimes I would get half way through typing and a new thought would come out.
  • It was pretty much been a twitter-fest. The awesome thing is that I felt I knew so many people. You walk in and already have people who you have talked to or follow what you write.
  • Mad because I forgot my camera...I never forget it. Thankfully DJ Chuang loaned me're da man DJ.
  • Two videos I already have up from #I3 are here and here.
  • First main session really made me think. I love the thought of failing forward.
  • Most overheard comment in lobby, "I follow you on twitter."
  • Two favorite speakers of the day were John Jenkins and Stacy Spencer.
  • Funny - Stacy Spencer saying they were the hoochie momma church.
  • Great to meet Troy Gramling of Flamingo...been following them for a long time.
  • Hung with my new buddy Josh Chapman for most of the day.
  • Loved that they streamed it live even though we came. Still glad I was there but my wife got to watch a whole lot.
  • This day really taught me that we should push forward...not fearing but embracing failure.
  • Innovation is awesome but no matter what it still should all be about the Kingdom.
  • This world has and is constantly changing and the church is not keeping up.
  • It starts with us as leaders.
  • My nagging thought was that many pastors may be going back home to a bunch of people who really don't want change.
Here are some thoughts from others that attended:
  1. brettaljets I felt as though I was drinking from a firehose @ #I3. The caliber of speakers & relevance unlike anything I've experienced.
  2. dawnnicole #i3 Day 1 = Fast-paced/energizing, filled w/great conversatns & teaching. Bummed I never met @lindastanley
  3. cameyg Spirit was alive & visual just as much where I was at than if I had been sitting beside you... or across the room! #i3
  4. Rick_Smith that u are just as good looking in person as you are in your twitter picture! #i3


Jason said...

Man, I totally agree with your last point. No matter what the pastor does . . . the bride just won't respond because . . . well put it this way - Perry Noble once said he was talking to a professor in seminary and he asked him wouldn't it be easier to go in and fix an church rather than start a new one. He said, "It's easier to birth a baby than raise the dead."

Jason said...

Your last bullet point reminds me of what I heard Perry Noble say. He approached a seminary professor about why start a new church? Just go in and fix one that is broke. The professor said that it is easier to give birth to a baby than to raise the dead! Man, sometimes it just doesn't matter WHAT a pastor does, that church is dead.

cynthia said...

great to meet you & great wrap up.

Disney Scrapper said...

If this event hadn't have been online I would probably have never heard of it or had the chance to hear some great speakers ( I was right along with your wife watching it at home). But I have to say the best part was reading it through the eyes of those of you who got to go (via twitter).Stacy Spencer was my fav.