Friday, January 02, 2009

Twitter Flow: Noise

I have tried something new on Twitter. It is taking about 10 to 15 lines of Twitter and continuously write out my thoughts as they are coming. The purpose is to hopefully stir up some conversation. Below is the stream that came out....for those that don't know how to read Twitter you start from the bottom and read up:
  • So what are your thoughts?????? Are you adding noise...or are you adding value???? Not trying to change your game...just your thoughts?
  • That's it....The FLOW is done....The SHOW is over....and now back to your regularly scheduled TWEETS....
  • I guess in the end here....I don't know that I solved anything....I guess I'm just gonna be me....maybe just not as LOUD!!!!!!
  • I'm still going to keep connecting....and probably having fun with some great people out there.
  • I'm still going to participate in the conversation....I'm still gonna add my stuff...BUT....I want it to add value
  • maybe time will tell...I would have to say that I need a balance....I'm going to resolve to have more of a balance. with my tweets.
  • or am I just creating a stream of muddled non-sense???????
  • am I adding value to I helping others make more of a difference in their life...
  • I mean is there anything constructive coming out of here....I mean my tweets....not just on twitter.
  • But is that conversation healthy...or is it just adding more noise to the internet...and to my life?????????
  • of course they never will cause my twitter is one big conversation.....
  • I'm sure some of my friends would say fact they tell me "I can't ever understand what your talking about"
  • I have realized this last year especially as I went into the last part of the that what I'm doing with Twitter
  • I would blog on just about anything...I would blog 3 to 10 times a day....and there wasn't no theme either
  • So in 2008 I believe that I kind of overused twitter...Kind of like my initial venture into blogging
  • comes a Twitter Flow....let's see how it goes.
Here are a few thoughts from others as they hit my twitter box right after:

Mark Heimburger
Cheeze73 @jasoncurlee Read this. I think this may add to your conversation.

lilacave @jasoncurlee I would say tweet all you want if you find it satifying. Some things strike people when they least expect it.

3amjosh @jasoncurlee I like conversation and I LOVE getting relevant links from people I have similar likes. Twitter is my Human RSS.

churchpunkmom @jasoncurlee lol... I think I add mostly just noise. ;)

Alisa Treasurefield
treasurefield @jasoncurlee Hey there! I think it's the connecting that counts. JMHO ^_^

churchpunkmom @jasoncurlee not sure.. but i have realized that Twitter tends to make me even more socially inept IRL than i already am..

John Mullis
johnincolorado @jasoncurlee constructive? that's up to you. what you put into it is what you get out of it.

Now it's your add to the you twitter? is what you doing adding to the noise or the conversation? Is it adding value??? Do you even care???? Hit that comment button and let my know your thoughts and don't forget to leave your twitter address or blog if you don't twitter.

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