Friday, January 02, 2009

TokBox Live

At 10:30 pm central, I'm having a live integration of on my blog below. I've put out the invitation as a pastor/ministry. You can add me as a friend on Tokbox at

To help everyone that is in, please hit mute on your microphone when you aren't talking and use headphones to eliminate the echo.

*****UPDATE***** Great time with people all over the country on our first TokBox....We had a max of 15-16 people on the screen that was live...and also had people jumping in from all over. Plans are to do many more.

***2nd UPDATE*** Another good session on TokBox...had around 15 people and had in inpromptu discussion on using Secular Songs in Worship.

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djchuang said...

a great blog for all things about multi-site churches at - by the team at Leadership Network, the authors of "The Multi-Site Church Revolution : Being One Church in Many Locations" (Greg Ligon, Warren Bird, and Geoff Surratt)