Thursday, January 01, 2009

Breaking The Status Quo

Is there any real reason to stay in the status quo. Many of us are creating resolutions or goals in an effort to move forward. To try to reach the true potential that is in all of us.

How many of us will find ourselves shrinking back in six, three or even a month? Has that been you each year?

You envision a new future, a new you, only to find yourself back in the same place you were. You must smash through that wall. When the push is to go back to the status quo you must push through.

Resolve this year to not shrink go through...that you are coming out the other side not only better but as a new you. The new you is so much worth getting.


Pastor Buck said...

I checked out your blog. I watched the Christmas Production video and Penn's statements...consider me inspired! Keep it up!!

Jason Curlee said...

Thanks for comments...blessings on you.