Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday The 4th Through My Window

Here is a look into my world for January 4th, 2009.
  • First, Sunday Experience for 2009. Great day at the campus.
  • Attendance showed a bounce back from the holidays.
  • I was on the microphone today with the message. I did it with a 11 minute video intro and then followed it up live.
  • Video was a mixture of me talking and review the start and first five months of our campus.
  • It is so awesome to think how we jumped out of the box and did some crazy things as a campus starting out.
  • Our church is unique as a multi-site. I really believe it is an example of many future sites we do in that we didn't really send out a launch team.
  • We got a text from our Multi-Site Worship Director who was at the campus who felt the music was the best he has heard out there. Way to go band!!!!!
  • My message was called "The Time Is Now". I intersected Esther 4:12-16 and where we are.
  • There points were: 1) Recognize The Opportunity 2) Seek God 3) Commit To Action
  • I felt my talk in first experience had a better flow than the second. Seemed to not flow right in the message in the second.
  • I so feel our campus is ready to just take off.
  • Told everyone we are beginning soft launch of Element Student Ministries next week.
  • Juno Garcia did a great job doing all the other elements since I did the message.
  • Numbers in both were almost identical...five person difference.
  • One person committed to begin a relationship with God this morning. That is one reason I love our campus. Whether video or live...God moves on the hearts of people.
  • Check out the pictures below:

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