Monday, January 12, 2009

Making Difference Makers Challenge Part 1

Let me take you through a little Jason Curlee personal health/fitness history. After quitting college football in 1989 I went full into bodybuilding. Even worked in a gym for 3 years. I'm talking about hardcore bodybuilding...up on stage...tiny little's a little picture to prove it.

When I started college football in 1988 I weighed 205. For my first bodybuilding show I cut from 215 down to 185 to make the middleweight cut. BTW that is where the picture is from. After that show I took my weight up to 225 and cut down to 203 for my second bodybuilding show.

That second show was a top level amateur show and was a wake up call for me as a bodybuilder. Since I competed naturally against several guys who competed with drugs I knew I would need to take about two years to really get my weight up to where I could come in cut at 225.

Over that process I got my weight up to 275 and was pretty big. Sure it was off-season and not a shredded 275 but I was meeting my goals. I was pretty confident that at my next show I would hit my 225/230 mark.

That was in 1994 and life changed for me. I took a new direction in my life and ended my bodybuilding quest and with that...the workouts ceased. 15 years later and I have to say at 39 I am not pleased. I probably weigh around 255/260 and am in the worse shape of my life....obviously...THINGS NEED TO CHANGE!!!!!

I tell you all that to prepare you for a challenge. Obviously if I'm doing to be a difference maker there needs to be some things that I get straight in my health and fitness are going to be an area that I'm going to target.

I'm challenging any of my readers...I'm a competitive person and one way that is going to drive me in this is a competition. If you are like me and are sick and tired of being where you are health/fitness/body....then lets do something about it.

Plus...probably the only way I will do it is if someone steps up and challenges me.

The challenge will begin next week and if any of you are willing to step up I'll give you the details towards mid-week. Is there a prize? You bet...mostly bragging rights...BUT...the real prize is the gift we will give to our families and our self. If your willing to possibly challenge me read more on the details of what we will do and let me know you will be in with me by leaving me a comment.


Rindy Walton said...

Hmmm....I'm interested to know what this challenge is! I haven't had a good physical challenge since I worked for my taekwondo black belt...started back in the gym and just signed up for some personal training to get back on track...but have been searching for something challenging...

Doug Gamble said...

I'm already competing in one here with some peeps at my church so if it integrates well with yours I'm in. Double dose of accountability if you know what i mean.