Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday The 11th Through My Window

Here is a look into my world for Sunday 1-11-09:
  • We had our third biggest attendance for Sunday Mornings. I really believe that the vision for what we are doing is catching.
  • We cut the songs to three today due to the length of the message. It is awesome knowing a week ahead what we need to do.
  • Our hazer didn't seem to be working well. So we were pretty much haze free today. That makes some of our lights not very effective due to the style of light.
  • We have been a week behind on our messages and from what I gather from people is that it doesn't matter. It still works. Today we had one person commit to begin a relationship with Christ. God knows what they need and when.
  • It has been awesome to see the progression of our music from day one. It takes time to build a team from scratch. The team has responded and are working it now.
  • I still feel that as a team we need to click a little bit overall at the campus. The next three months are about connecting and building community. I'm pushing our team to really step out and connect with others.
  • We had our membership class today with eight people attending and becoming members. That's what I'm talking about.
  • Looking forward to 2009 and the possibilities.
Here are some pics from our 1-11-09 Sunday Experience

Tonight we had our First Element Student Ministry Night:
19 teens showed up to a night were we just had a time of hanging out.
10 adults showed up to help.
Looking forward to what is going to happen out here.


Brad Christian said...

Ouch! I am nervous about the day our hazer doesn't work... Don't we use the same chauvet hz1000?! Awesome to hear about the numbers and vision growing.

Jason Curlee said...

We use the same was wasn't putting out what it normally does...but then we turned it on in the evening for our Student Ministry and it filled the room nicely.