Friday, January 09, 2009

Campus Pastor Week

Would love to know what your week is like if you are a campus pastor at a multi-site church?

What are some of the things you do in a week? What are your daily responsibilities?

Feel free to elaborate as much as you want....I really want to know.

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Doug Gamble said...

Well...I do a lot of twittering and time on facebook and even some time on Tokbox...okay seriously. My role is bascially 50-50. 50% given to campus pastor role and 50% given to outreach for all of Suncrest. Here's how my week generally lines out:
Monday - administrative stuff, catch up from the weekend, follow up calls, emails
Tuesday - death by meeting day, review of campus gathering, review meeting for all worship gatherings and planning for upcoming, staff meetings (twice all suncrest, twice campus specific), meeting with lead pastor
Wednesday - twice a month a creative planning meeting, prep for teaching or planning for other items and typically appointments in the afternoon with people (pastoral, community people), evening is devoted to small group
Thursday-basically the same as Wednesday
Friday - day off
Saturday - morning is catch up day and meetings that wouldn't fit anywhere else
My evenings every night are booked because of my wife's involvement in the campus. So Tuesday evening is the only evening I do other appointments.

Make sure to post your weekly stuff too