Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Most Important Leadership Quality

Pastor John Atkinson, Multi-Site/Hometeams Pastor of Bay Area Fellowship and my partner has a great post on his blog called "The Most Important Leadership Quality" Here is an excerpt:
The lack of integrity however, will define our leadership and our lives!
1. We must have integrity in our faith, or we'll change the Word of God to fit us, instead of changing us to fit the Word of God.
2.Without integrity, we'll be able to see pride in others, while missing it in ourselves.
3. Without integrity, we'll challenge others to live lives of purity, while in the privacy of our own homes we'll fail at it.
There are some more points on his post so make sure you go read them all. You can also follow Pastor John on Twitter at www.twitter.com/johncatkinson


jccatkinson said...

Thanks for the Link Love brotha!

Anonymous said...

Intergrity is everything in Leadership and in our daily walk.