Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday The 23rd Through My Window

Here is a look through my window for Sunday 11-23:
  • Actually got the date right this week in my title.
  • Last four weeks have been a flip flop...183 to 163 to 192 to 163 today. I was actually hoping to bust through 200...we are so close.
  • Felt like I wasn't connecting the elements smoothly. That is one of the reasons I like to type out my sermons totally whenever I preach.
  • Music team did Break Free this sounded song of the morning.
  • Tomorrow we are making some upgrades that will be revealed next weekend.
  • Revealed our next service project....can't talk to much but we are going to be doing something with a local non-profit out in our area. In a nut and Christmas Party.
  • I feel that our campus will only be as strong as the leadership team I have assembled. It will only be as strong as the bond we have together.
  • I've tried something new with our information cards and last week we had 12 first time guests turn it in....this week 5. I feel it is a little more non-threatening for our guests.
  • Got an anonymous tip about giving today on the cards...obviously you can guess how that one went.
  • Children's area was loud of those facility issues that is a good problem.
  • We used our new bar area looked great...still have to but laminate on it.
  • Seemed I had too many announcements and things to talk about today...but no time. One of the areas I have to work on.
  • Looking forward to kicking off Hometeams and Youth Ministry in the new year. I feel Hometeams are a great way to build relationships and community in a church. Our youth ministry is going to be exciting as well...I'm fixing to do some serious planning for it. Going to line out some message series.
  • I felt a little out of it today...not really sure why...every Saturday I've been listening the first two minutes of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" song. It is a great reminder to me to not miss the opportunity before us. Each weekend is so vital to is when someone's son or daughter or grandchild or will be coming to our campus for the first time. It may be their first or last time to ever hear the message of is also our responsibility to be ready.

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