Wednesday, November 26, 2008

5 Points Re-Wired

It's the day before Thanksgiving and even though I've been off for two days from school (my principal job) I've been highly absent from the blogging world. I thought I'd take a moment and let you know what I've been up too.

For two days, I've been working with my production director, Tom Grant, on some upgrades to our adult room. Now albeit, to some churches out there what we did would be nothing. But one of the things about our campuses at Bay Area Fellowship is that we have intentionally tried to start them with the least amount of finances that we can. That way as we launch more campuses, no matter what size town we go to it can work. This week, though we upgraded from our starting package. Our room was a little plain so we added a little WOW.

I put a real brief teaser in this short video:

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