Thursday, August 07, 2008

Is It In You??? 2

I'm talking some traits a church planter or pastor needs. In part one I talked about DETERMINATION and showed a great video from the X-Games of Danny Way.

Another trait I could say is the power to commit. Yes...this is similar to commitment but I'm gonna go to another level.

The power to commit is going all out when you do something. It is committing to the action full out to see the results.

Why not? You are going to be doing it anyway, why not go all out and take it to a whole nutha level.

I feel that's how Paul lived his life....when he preached in a city he poured it all out...put everything on the line...even to the point of almost dying.

Stephen did it all out to his death.

The power to commit is the only way to go...did you just start a church....then do it and don't stop. Don't give yourself an out. Are you a Pastor on the edge of quiting? Don't give up....COMMIT...

You have got to commit...commit your mind-set that you are not going to quit no matter what.

Here is a video on can't even do this unless you commit to seeing it through. It is the first time that a double back flip on a motorcross bike was done in the X-Games.

The Power To Commit....Is It In You?????


Billy Chia said...

That's awesome - I wonder how many times he tried the trick and didn't land it. He seems as excited that it worked as the crowd does.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the importance of commitment within ministry. I really think that without a long term commitment we will not see the amazing things God wants to do.

Thanks for sharing.