Monday, August 11, 2008

As If

A lot has been written on the validity of mega-churches.

Many will say they water down the message.
Many say they build it with marketing principles and not God.

A couple of weeks ago we had three great articles in our local paper. It was very interesting that the media was so favorable and yet in the comments on line it was Christians who were so negative.

Having been in on staff at four different churches of various sizes from 300 to over 5,000 it is totally amazing to even think of the journey I have been on. On top of that the privilege I have of starting and leading a campus for Bay Area Fellowship.

I'm not even gonna spend time focusing on the critics. Actually John wrote a great post on it. If you ever want to know the heart of a mega-church the video posted {here} at Buddy Cremeans blog.

My take is that if Pastor's and Christians would spend more time focusing on reaching people rather than ripping mega-churches we might just reach this country.

I wonder which side of the fence they would sit on if God gave them the honor of their church growing to mega size....


mdshrops said...

Thank you for this blog post. This truly need to be said!


Jason Curlee said...

thanks Shrop...much appreciated

Chris said...

I know of mega-churches in which the message is not watered down at all. So then “mega-church” does not necessarily equal “watered down message.” However, it can be demonstrated more often than not that this is exactly what happens, but enough about that.
So about criticism… criticism can be extremely draining, but especially criticism that has no basis. As little and insignificant (in the yes of the world) my ministry is I will at times still receive unjust criticism. I don’t have much of a problem with criticism per se especially if it is constructive, but criticism with no basis just takes the life right out of you. I am very patient, but sometimes I just hit the delete button.

Chris said...

Correction..meant to type(in the "eyes" of the world)