Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It is amazing to believe where we are as a satellite church for Bay Area Fellowship. The response has been so great. I have to throw it all up to a great team.

It took a team of volunteers working since May 9th to get the campus ready. It took people going beyond their selves to make it happen. The sacrificed and worked hard.

It has taken a team effort since our opening to pull it off as well. There are many people who are serving and using their gifts and talents to do something big. Let me give you a few cool stats from week four:

123 people...33 volunteers (26% of total) 56 cars (that's 2 per car) 43 in our kids area....BUT...the greatest number of all>>>>TWO people prayed to begin a relationship with Christ.

It is so awesome to be associated with a great team and so many great people...

Here's the deal...I write this not to brag about what is going on...it is to show you how with God and hard work all things are possible. I hope this can inspire you to do something big.


Shaun King said...

This is great news man! Praying for you, the team, and for great success with this campus.

-Shaun & Crew

Jason Curlee said...

thanks shawn....looking forward to you guys exploding up there.....