Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Campus Goals

Here are some of my goals as the Pastor of our Bay Area Fellowship 5 Points campus:

Effectively Reach The Surrounding Community
It's the whole Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria effect. We are here to reach the 5 Points community. Our goal is to put a 1o mile circle around our campus and work hard to make that a spiritual hedge from darkness. We want to make that circle the hardest place to go to hell in all of Corpus. We are going to own it. Our many years of ministry have been ultimately about this one thing and I see our church being about it as well.

To Be A Campus Where Everyone Is Cared For
This is going to be a fun and tough goal. It will take a great team. It won't be a one man show. I truly believe people will stay at a church where they truly feel the love of Christ. We will have to be intentional and make sure people do not fall through the cracks.

Create An Irresistible and Fun Work Environment

I've worked on many church staffs where I actually wondered why I was working there. There was no family excitement. We have the greatest message why not have a work environment that is infused with excitement. My role is to be our staffs biggest cheerleader and make sure they are developed to the highest level.

To Be A Pace-Setter
Our campus may not be the largest in the country. It may not have cost millions to get it started. But I believe it can lead the pace. I want to be the best campus pastor and our campus be the best in our organization, in the state and in the country. I feel the people I lead deserve that. I also want Bay Area's multi-site initiative to become a leader in this arena. It is one of my goals to help it become that.

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bruiserliz said...

My husband and I have been to the 5 points campus twice. We will continue
to attend Sunday service there.
After our first visit I came home and snooped every blog I could find pertaining to Bay Area, specifically the 5 points campus. I love the insight gained from blogs....Boy, have I gained insight Lately.
Well, as much as I cannot resist a good blog...I cannot resist commenting either, LOL.
So, here’s my comment on this particular blog...
As for your goal of Reaching the Community...It seems to me that ya’ll are already starting to reach this community. While I was snooping blogs (and MySpace) I discovered that one of my friend has BA 5 points on their friends list, so does one of her friends (they both live in Calallen)....several of their comments back and forth include the mention of Bay Area. (I can’t imagine how many more will be reached when ya’ll blitz this area)
As for a Caring Campus...My husband and I felt so very welcome and struck by the lack of pretense. As for that being a team effort, your wife was actually the first person we had contact with...she came across as genuine, helpful and did the everyone else.
Your 3rd listed goal effects me greatly as an attendee, but only in a secondary way. All I have to say for that goal is...see blog “Second Week Down”.
And Pace-Setter, I don’t have enough knowledge about church construction to comment. I do know that this ‘campus’ concept was crucial in my personal decision of how and where to attend church; And the atmosphere keeps me coming back.

Anyway, just thought positive feedback was in order.

Im terribly excited to be able to have my family grow as this church grows.