Thursday, June 12, 2008

Talking Business and Leadership

If it's one thing you may notice if you read my blog long's that I love talking leadership. I want to give some link love out to my pastor....Bil Cornelius...who has three posts that hit in this area.

5 Things To Consider When Hiring
How To Keep Your Best People
3 Ways To Create A Culture Of Excellence

Three great posts for you to drip on.

Here's an excerpt from 5 Things to Consider
5. Always hire someone who is a raving fan of the organization, and dare I say it, a raving fan of you! They better think you are “all that,” or you do not want them working for you. I hope you understand this is not “let’s all worship the leader,” but if you want a staff that has a fast pace, you need a high trust from the beginning and that comes from a high esteem for one another. This goes both ways too…I really believe that greatest compliment I can give someone in “my world” is to offer them a job.

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