Friday, June 13, 2008

Simply Creative

This is simply the most creative way that I have seen testimonies given. If you don't think I'm gonna try it one're simply crazy. This video is Simply Creative!!!

Check Out Cardboard Testimonies:

What would mine say????

Hates The Church

Leading A Church

What about yours??


Miguel Umanzor said...

Thanks for posting this. My tears don't stop coming down.

CruiseBlog said...

Jaded by the "business" of Christian School politics and Church Drama.


Restored when re-focused on His purpose, power and provision.

--- That was awesome, Curlee. Thanks for sharing it.


Hans said...

Yeah, that's an awesome idea. Straight-to-the-point and not nearly as intimidating as other testimonials can be.

Chris said...

That is pretty awesome. By the way...I saw where you wrote "hates the church" and it touched on a blog I've been bouncing around in my head for a while now. You know...regardless of all the faults of the church we see and get discouraged over...the truth is that the church (us included) is the bride of Christ and when we talk smack about her we are talking smack about Jesus' bride. I know that is putting crudely, but I hope to flesh it out better in a series of blog posts.
anyway...the card board thing is really creative.

Rindy Walton said...

Abused, addicted, rejected

Healed, loved, church planter

Thanks for sharing it

Jason Curlee said...

Hey Chris...totally understand where you are coming from...BUT...remember this would be my testimony. Before I chose to follow Christ in 1994, I hated the church and wanted nothing to do with it. Similar to Paul...but without the killing Christians part.

I can see this position now...and feel much the same as you...NOW... testimony...before Christ and after Christ.

Chris said...

oh yeah, sorry about that Jay. I didn't realize until after I posted that I gave you the impression that I didn't understand the before and after aspect of your testimony/relationship with Christ. My comment was more confessional. Anyway...I loved the vid so much that I posted it on a myspace bulletin.

Jason Curlee said...

Ain't no thing Chris...It's all good. I wasn't sure if you thought I was talking about a certain situation we have in common.

I do agree with you about the church though.

Chris Reeder said...

That video made me cry like a baby!

Chris Reeder