Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Leading In Uncertain Territory

One of the things that you can be certain of is that as you lead you will encounter uncertain territory.

If you are pushing forward there will always be a measure of uncertainty in your leading. For example...even though I have worked on staff at a church of 3,000, and I have worked in ministry for 14 years, right now I am leading in unknown territory for myself.

Daily we are pushing forward to launch a church. I've never done construction...I've never lead a church full of adults...and at each level of growth that we will experience it will be a new level I've never experienced.

The price of leadership success is greater uncertainty. As you gain more responsibility your uncertainty level increases. As each level increases it is vital for you to learn to thrive in environments that are uncertain.

Isn't that what faith is all about???

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Rindy Walton said...

So very true! The more God asks, the more uncertainty seems to increase, yet the crazy thing is the more certain of the!

Jason Curlee said...

agreed...that is probably the one that will remain true...the certainty of the call...and God's faithfulness.