Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ownership In Ministry 2

When it comes to taking ownership...whether it's business or ministry...I believe it takes a great deal of shifting of a mind-set.

Let's focus on the perspective of an employer today.

One of the things that stands out tremendously in my first position in ministry is that my pastor let me...be me!!! He didn't run around making me do ministry the way he would do it. It gave me the ability to work on me and our youth ministry. I was able to use my personality and strengths.

How do you get your staff to take ownership?
  • Cast Vision For Something Greater - Can you show them how what they do works on a larger scale?
  • Train and Release - Do you hover or have a tendency to boss them around?
  • Help Find Their Niche - I know you have a bottom line but how can their niche help your bottom line?
Getting your people to take ownership really is your responsibility as a leader. Whether they are volunteers or paid employees they can make the mind-shift if you can take them there.

What is something you have done to make a shift in ownership???

Stay tuned for part three where we will talk from the perspective of the employee.

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Melissa said...

One great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about taking responsibility for themselves, especially if they feel like their work enviornment is difficult or they are working with difficult people is a book called, Dealing With Divas. It highlights very important topics on how to be more responsible for our own lives. I have been able to apply this book to many aspects of my life.

Anonymous said...

I've been working on not asking our adult leaders to help "me", but to ask them to help our student ministry. I really want them to buy into our student ministry, not me.

Jason Curlee said...

thanks for the resource tip melissa

Jason Curlee said...

Adam...that is a huge thing...people will work for a leader...but for real ownership they must work for something greater.