Monday, June 16, 2008

5 Point Campus Events This Week

Just wanted to catch you up with all the happenings this week (June 15th to June 22nd)
  • Thursday 19th - Work Day from 6 to 9 we are especially looking for people with a design eye for our lobby we are going to try and work on some of our projects....installing bathroom lights, hanging doors, putting on door knob kits, finishing sheet rock in nursery, rolling on tecture to the walls.
  • Saturday 21st - Campus Clean up...9 to 12....this is a morning only....we need to begin to clean up from some of the work we have been doing so we can get ready for Sunday's.
  • Sunday 22nd - No church just yet....we need to complete some more details for our campus before we are ready....namely electricity in our adult area and some clean up.
  • LEADERSHIP ROLES - If you are interested in leadership roles in some of the areas of our campus please let me we can set up a time to meet with you....greeters/usher/hospitality, media, children's areas, youth ministry, home teams....(music...we will be setting up a meeting for upcoming auditions...please let me know if you sing or play instruments or both)
Our campus is located at 15314 Northwest Blvd. Click the address for map.

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P.S. We are going to be having a family bar-b-que hang out night on Friday...June 27th....look for more details coming soon...this will be a time where you can invite your friends to come hang out and see our campus as well as meet many of the others involved in our campus. (if you like to grill and can bring yours let me know)

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