Monday, June 16, 2008

Ownership In Ministry 1

One of the hardest task in business and ministry is to get volunteers or employees to take ownership. To move from a state of being asked to do taking responsibility and doing it yourself.

Leading people who don't get paid is a world of difference from leading people who get a pay check...BUT...that is only if you take it from the perspective of the person leading.

I know many people who are absolute poor leaders of their employees. They lead from a state of holding a persons paycheck over them. Poor...POOR...LEADERSHIP.

Let's talk a little this week about Leading People....and People moving from OWNERSHIP.

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youthpastoradam said...

Looking forward to your posts this week. Getting people to buy into the ministry is very important, and I need some advice at this point.

Jason Curlee said...

hopefully the next one in this series will help you