Monday, April 07, 2008

My Big Announcement 3

If you read My Big Announcement Part 1 and Part 2 you know that right now I've become a principal of a local school in town and am building a campus for Bay Area Fellowship in the five points area.

I thought it would be good to share with you the readers why I felt this is a perfect match. I'm sure it begs the question why. We are plowing along launching our own church and then the next thing you know we what we were doing turns into a campus for Bay Area Fellowship.

Here is why I believe it is a great match:
  1. Vision - This Sunday Bil said what Bay Area is about is making this area "the hardest place to go to hell". I wrote this in December of last year about the church we were launching, it "is about DOMINATING the Coastal Bend Area with the Gospel of Christ making it the hardest place to go to hell."
  2. Reaching The Lost - In every ministry we have led we have always set it up to reach the lost. Our focus has been on encouraging those that attend to reach out to those in their circle. Our environment's were geared to be attractive and relatable to the lost. Our messages were geared to be relevant. In a nut shell...that is the main thing with Bay Area. Reaching the lost and making disciples.
  3. God-Ordained Friendship - The relationship I've built with John over there and how were weren't looking for anything. The timing of it all. This is so God-Ordained. John and I began developing a friendship before I even began going to Bay Area.Fellowship. We were mainly going there because I wanted a great church that our kids could be in while we were in the transition.
  4. Leadership - This is an area I'm passionate about and although I love communicating I really love building teams and leaders. This will allow me to focus on one of my loves for now.
Truly, I could go on and on. I've heard God speak to me more through Pastor Bil's messages than I have in the previous three or four years. They are going through a spiritual awakening. I believe there is a good spiritual balance there. Pastor Bil is one of the best church communicators in America. We just had revival. They are about children and teens. Our team was for it. I've felt great grace and restoration over the past six months there. They take risks. They let leaders lead. ETC....ETC...AND OF COURSE....ETC.

Bay Area Fellowship is for real and it is an honor to be "a small part of something BIG"!!!!!!! We are charging hell with a water pistol. We are going to swing that bat until our hands bleed. We are going to make the Coastal Bend area the hardest place to go to hell.

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