Sunday, April 13, 2008

Prepare and Pray

When it comes to ministry there is no way to get around not believing God for big things. Whether you need property or volunteers you must trust God to provide you with everything you need.

Here is the catch. Planning and preparation enables you to be ready when God provides for your prayers.

Let's say you are a children's pastor and are praying for "x" amount of volunteers. If they all showed up and said they are ready to get involved would you be prepared? Would you be able to plug them in and they know what to do? One way to be ready is by writing out all your volunteer positions with a job description. Once that is done then begin to pray those big prayers as you are now prepared for God to move.

Maybe you're launching a new church. Up to now you have been praying for God to provide the finances, but do you have a plan? Have you researched everything you need to launch? List out all the equipment, salaries, lease, and anything you would possibly need to for the first year. Now that you know what you need release those God-sized prayers.

Prepare and Pray for God to do something big.

We are praying some big prayers right now on our campus launch. We are believing for $30,000 to get each of our campuses off the ground.

What Big Prayers Are You Praying Right Now?

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peak2peaktravel said...

I am praying for big things too! Thanks for your insight on preparing and praying. I love the verse that says the horse is prepared for battle, but victory lies in the hands of the Lord. I am praying for personal revival and being prepared for the Lord's return. To make a difference! God bless you in your endeavors for Him.

Jason Curlee said...

That's awesome...I know He is the one that can do it for you....I pray you are going to get just want you ask for.