Friday, March 21, 2008

The Madness of Ministry 3

One word should say it all: PEOPLE

Although seeing lives changed and watching people find their purpose and place in God's kingdom is one of my greatest joys, leading people is still one of the challenges and sometimes madding areas of ministry.

Why is that? Because people aren't perfect and neither am I.

We all make mistakes. We all allow ourselves to be hurt and offended. When things don't go our way we sometimes show it. Hands down...leading people can be tough. In fact because of the many facets it can be one of the toughest areas we face in ministry.

Realize People Aren't Perfect
We do live in a world that has fallen. And even in the church world we are not perfect. The sooner you realize that the better off you will be.

Realize People Will Let You Down
Maybe not all of them but many. As soon as you get rolling...BAM...something will come up. Maybe it's a volunteer who will call you at the last minute and say they won't be there. Maybe a couple you thought was full on board will leave your church. Maybe half your church won't show up because of the time change. It is inevitable...people will let you down.

Realize Our Society Is Broken
Maybe this goes a little with the first one but our society is rapidly deteriorating. There was a time we could say we were a Christian nation but those days are beginning to be behind us.

What can you do to cut out some of the madness in this area:

Lead People With Vision
Without vision people cast of all restraint is what Proverbs 29:18 tells us. I have seen it over and over when people are not challenged with a vision of what could be they do not pursue a vision of possibility. One of our greatest responsibilities is casting a vision for our church or ministry as well as for living out a Christian life.

Be Their Greatest Cheerleader
All right this one may get me in trouble with the conservative thumpers out there but I believe we need to encourage people to live out the Christian life. As a Dad, I want my role to be one of being my children's biggest cheerleader. As a pastor I feel it is my role to do the same.

Keep Your Eyes On God
Ultimately there is no way around it. When you lead people you must keep your eyes and heart turned to God. He is the one that will get you through any obstacle you may have when it comes to leading people. Remember it is His church that He is building and He cares about it more than you. Cast your cares on Him and keep moving forward.

What challenges do you see when it comes to leading people? What helps you survive the madness of leading people?

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